ECMO is a life support system that provides life support to the patient by temporarily taking over the work of the heart or lungs.

ECMO is used when usual treatments do not work. ECMO devices do not cure heart or lung disease. It only allows time for the patient's heart or lungs to heal.

The ECMO pump draws unoxygenated blood from a vein and pushes the blood into the machine's artificial lung or oxygen machine. This is where carbon dioxide is removed from the blood and oxygen is added. A color change happens because dark blood that lacks oxygen turns bright red when oxygen is added. The red blood is heated before exiting the oxygen machine and returning to the patient.

Because ECMO also helps the patient's lungs work, paramedics dealing with the ECMO device can lower the settings of the ventilator, allowing the lungs to rest and recover. The ECMO device can often be reduced by medications used to help the heart and lungs work.

As Rectus Medical, we have been providing ECMO device services with our wide network and fast solutions in different locations in Turkey and the world since the beginning of the 2010s.

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