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Eclipsia 27Mhz


Eclipsia + 27.12 MHz is a more advanced, more efficient and more comfortable thermocoagulation technology than currently available on the market. Using 27.12 MHz ultra-fast radiofrequency, this innovative system provides a fast and safe cosmetic treatments for all types of skin imperfections such as telangiectases, spider veins, cherry angiomas, milia, keratosis, skin tags, pigmentation spots and minor acne issues.

Product features

Thanks to the ultra-fast 27.12 MHz radio frequency and special application techniques, Eclipsia offers a unique level of comfort.

The Eclipsia advanced thermocoagulation system uses 27.12 MHz ultra-fast radiofrequency to quickly eliminate all types of superficial skin imperfections.

Eclipsia produces faster and better coagulation results by producing the required energy in a shorter time compared to other devices in its category.

The powerful Eclipsia + 27.12 MHz radio frequency is controlled by a microprocessor capable of delivering very short pulses in a thousandth of a second compared to other devices with a hundred times longer heat dissipation and causing more irritation and pain.

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